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director's statement

I have had the idea of traveling overland from Singapore to Mecca for over 9 years. All this time, it had been just a poor man's dream to see the world and gain life experiences.

So one day, I opened a new chapter in my life and decided to pursue my dream. With little support and immense conviction, I embarked on a solo journey from Singapore and travelled overland to Mecca for Haj, which was my intended goal.

So I left for Mecca with a compact digital video camera and a compact digital camera, intending to create a personal travelogue. I documented as much as I could, although, in certain places, filming was done discreetly when faced with challenging and intimidating circumstances.

Through this journey, I've met many interesting people and discovered different places that have colorfully painted my life. I believe I have captured and witnessed various inspirational thoughts and moments and would like to share it on film.

director | exec. producer | editor

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